Can I use your blog posts as material for my presentation, term paper, article, etc.? Of course! Just make sure to reference me properly for the format you're using. So if it's a presentation, just mention the blog. If it's a term paper, cite the blog properly with the reference format your teacher/professor assigned (do this or you get zinged for plagiarism!). If it's an article, include the weblink - http://docperschon.blogspot.ca/

Will you review my book? It's unlikely. The goal of this blog is to look at very influential SF, Fantasy, and Horror - so unless your book is up for the Hugo or Nebula, it's very unlikely that I'll take the time to read it. And if you're up for the Nebula or Hugo, it's unlikely you need me to do so.

Do you prefer hard-copy or electronic copies for review? Hard copy. I rarely review eBooks. I prefer audiobooks, but it's rare that anyone offers. Email me at mikeperschon at shaw dot ca, and I'll provide you with an address to send the review copy.

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